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Emerging from the Los Angeles music scene in 2016, Worldwide Panic is a hard driving, no non-sense, industrial rock and roll band fronted and formed by, Lane Steele with the addition of New guitarist Gustavo Kölndorfer

Fueled by memorable melodies, insightful lyrics and compelling music, Worldwide Panic has benefitted from some serious airplay with their album “The You In Me” debuting at #30 on Billboard Heatseekers chart and #23 on iTunes Rock and Metal Charts.

While they are a relatively new band, Worldwide Panic is already a group of seasoned road warriors. Having toured with the likes of Mushroomhead, Flaw, The Convalescence and Smile Empty Soul, they're hungry for every opportunity possible to perform live and connect with an audience. With a sound that is an eclectic mix of everything from Rammestein to Disturbed by way of Rob Zombie, their music quickly captivated a sizable audience.

The sheer determination for their craft has led them to grab attention and even gain sponsorship from notable brands such as Schecter Guitars, EMG Pickups, Coffin Cases and Dirtbag Clothing, to name a few. Currently, the band is finalizing their Self-Titled debut LP, with sights set on making this the most poignant release put out by the group thus far.

This mighty four piece is honing in their songwriting skills and designing their live show to be something truly special all while growing meaningful connections with their fans. Very few bands are able to match their tenacity in the modern music world.

Be prepared as Worldwide Panic is driven to live up to their name by taking the world by storm and inciting global panic.